Intervale Road Pedestrian and Bicycle Access Study

These photographs compare Intervale Road from July 1946 to July 2015. What will Intervale Road look like in 2046?


The City of Burlington is partnering with the Intervale Center and the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission to identify improvements for access into the Intervale by people walking and biking. Intervale Road is shared by a very diverse group: it provides access to Burlington' s largest urban farms, shared by both commercial farmers and residents maintaining community gardens; it provides access to substantial local industry: Burlington Electric Department's McNeil Generating Plant, Gardener's Supply, Queen City Steel, Charlebois, and New England Rail; and it is also a gateway to recreation trails and the history, archaeology, and natural resources of the Winooski River valley. 

What options exist to improve access for people walking and biking, while ensuring the economic and natural health of the Intervale? To help answer this question or just follow along, visit the CCRPC's project website: