Fall Leaf Pickup is scheduled from 11/8-11/12. Please set your leaves out on your recycling day for pickup. To learn about drop off options for leaves, visit here.

Department of Public Works

Fines and Towing

All violations within Burlington except expired meters are towable. The health and safety of citizens may be jeopardized by an illegally parked vehicle. An enforcement officer decides if this is the case and acts accordingly. A vehicle which has been towed can be charged $62.50 for the tow and $10.00 for storage for the first day and $20.00 per day after. Once a vehicle has been impounded it is held until ALL outstanding parking tickets have been paid.

Meter Violations $15.00
Resident Parking $75.00
Handicapped Violations $125.00
Parking Ban or Street Closed to Parking $125.00
All other Prohibited Parking Violations $75.00

A one-time $13.00 late fee is added to all unpaid tickets after 30 days. If ticket is unpaid after 90 days, an additional late fee of $24.00 will be applied.