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Discolored Water

Burlington Water Resources strives for the highest water quality, however there can be disruptions within the Distribution system that may cause you to have discolored water.  This discoloration is due to a disturbance to the naturally occurring minerals and sediments in our water mains or your water service line.  Events such as hydrant flushing and/or opening, fire service maintenance, main breaks and routine valve repairs can all change the pressure in our system and rile up those minerals and sediments.  All companies working in Burlington who need to perform work that affects our Distribution system are required to notify us, but sometimes they do not.  Or, you may have a galvanized service line and they eventually need to be replaced.  If you are noticing diminished water pressure along with discoloration, please contact us for a free appointment.

What Can You Do?

  • If you have discolored water, please contact us at 863-4501 (24/7) to see if there is known work being performed near you.
  • We recommend running a cold water tap (NOT hot) to help clear the  discoloration and this can take 10-20 minutes depending on the severity.
  • If you have a water filtration system, check to see if the filters need to be replaced.