City of Burlington, Vermont

City of Burlington, Vermont

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Construction Permit FAQs

Separate Permits are required for wiring, plumbing, building, HVAC, fire alarm, sprinkler, suppression, etc., on every project. Each trade attached to that project is required to secure their own permit and each trade will pay the permit fee attached to their cost of construction amount for that portion of work.

Supported by the State & City agreement, State Permits specific to structural or life safety (building, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, Sprinkler, Fire Alarm, Suppression, etc.,) are not required in the City of Burlington City limits, only Burlington permits supported by the City of Burlington Code of ordinances.  

Less holidays and weekends, the trade inspectors have office hours between 8am &10am, M-F specifically for one on one visits with the customers seeking a permit for their project.  The goal is to limit the time to 10 minutes per customer to help make it possible to serve as many customers as possible within the two hours before leaving on field inspections.  Please have your questions and plans available and if more time is needed for your project time will be scheduled outside these hours to accommodate your needs.

Three fees may be applied to any one permit: the minimum and standard permit fee, a recording fee, and an after the fact (ATF) fee. With regards to all construction permits; please make checks payable to DPW/ISD. The minimum and standard permit fee: All permits have a minimum permit fee of twenty ($20.00) dollars when the project costs for labor and material* is less than two thousand three hundred fifty-four ($2354.00) dollars. A calculation of $8.50 is applied to every thousand ($1000.00) dollars of estimated cost of construction (ECC) that exceeds the minimum cost. For example; $3000.00 x .00850 = $25.50, etc., which keeps increasing as the ECC increases. The exception to this rule is with regards to single-family home projects and their recording fees listed below. Recording fees: It is required to file permits and related documents in the City land records. A fee of $10.00 will be charged for each document attached to that project at the time you secure your permit, in addition to the permit fee. Example, all construction permits that are required (building, electrical, heating, plumbing, fire alarm, sprinkler, etc.) will have the minimum permit fee and an $10.00 recording fee. However, when a project requires a Certificate of Occupancy (C of O), both the Building Permit and C of O will require the $10.00 fee for a total of twenty ($20.00) dollars in addition to the permit fee. After the Fact Fee (ATF): This fee is applied when work has started without reviews, approvals, or permits. The calculation applied is one percent of the ECC, which is added back on to the original your permit fee calculation. This fee is never less then thirty ($30.00) dollars, thus, raising the permit fee on a basic single-family home project from twenty-seven ($27.00) to fifty-seven ($57.00) dollars. *Note: ECC is based on all materials and all labor cost associated to that project, regardless of who purchased any part thereof.

Yes. In every situation where you have a higher hazard space beside, under, or over another space being occupied, a separation requirement by way of hours. The hour ratings are determined by the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) and refer to the maximum time for rescue and escape based on the building's design, material composition, air space, and fasteners. The minimum is one hour separation of private garages from living space, public garages from living space and other uses of the building, living space from different living spaces, etc.

Please contact the Department of Public Works Customer Service directly at (802) 863-9094

Both in-ground and above ground pool installations & removals need a Zoning Permit (land use / lot coverage) and building permits (life safety) to include electrical & plumbing for safe install and terminations.  In-ground & above ground pool removal: remove all materials from the site and haul to approved landfill locations.  To eliminate any surprises in that area for future use, (yourself and new homeowners) backfill the hole for inground pools with clean flow able sand and cap both types of pool areas with top soil and return area back to grass. 

No permit or fees shall be required for carpeting, painting, installation of personal property or floor covering. However, "Flooring" does require permits and fees.

NO. The City of Burlington has a long standing agreement with the State of Vermont; whereas, we (the city), handle all permitting processes, reviews, inspections and all related transactions independent from the State. Please direct all questions and send plans for review directly to this office and visit our web site at:

The Inspection Services Division of the Department of Public Works issues building permits. The Public Works office is located at 645 Pine Street, at the intersection with Lakeside Avenue.

For all the right reasons the inspectors requires the owner or the owners authorized representative (contractors) on site during inspections. This also streamlines the process, provides that opportunity to act on what needs to take place without additional delays to include need for re-inspections.

Ten (10) Feet.  This distance is governed in the National Fire Prevention Association Code (NFPA 1 Section and reads as follows;  “Dumpsters & containers with an individual capacity of 1.5 cu yd’s or more shall not be stored in buildings or placed within 10 ft of combustible walls, openings or combustible roof eave lines.”