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Colchester Avenue Crosswalks


In the interest of improving pedestrian safety, the City with federal Bicycle and Pedestrian funding through VTrans, is planning two new crosswalks on Colchester Avenue. 

The proposed western crosswalk will be between East Avenue and Fletcher Place.  There is a substantial amount of jay walking in this area.  The 2011 Colchester Avenue Corridor Plan by Resource Systems Group, Inc. noted that between the University of Vermont's central and Trinity campuses pedestrians cross at random locations that may not always be visible to motorists.  Without a crossing near Fletcher Place, pedestrians have over 1,100' to travel before reaching a crossing oppurtunity.

The proposed eastern crosswalk will be close to the Centennial Field entrance.  The existing crosswalk in this location is not compliant with accesibility standards.  The existing crosswalk leads pedestrians into a private driveway and does not provide adequate pedestrian visibility.


April 2016 - Conceptual plans are being developed by the DPW Engineering Group.


UPDATED: May 2016