Construction Updates

Construction Updates:
Week of June 4, 2018
Project:          CY18 Street Reconstruction
Description:   Repaving of City Streets as identified in the following Approved CY18 Street Reconstruction Program. Projected roads pending commission approval to be repaired in FY17 can be found below as well.
Schedule:      April 17th through November 16th, 2018
Activites:       The contractor is scheduled to complete CY18 paving by November 16th, 2018. All roads have been resurfaced, line-striping and cleanup will be complete this week.
Traffic:           Local traffic will be maintained with on-site traffic control and signage.

ORIGINAL Cal Year 2018 Paving Plan
Street Name Section PCI Length  Type of Work
Austin Dr All 13 0.32 Reclaim
Birch Ct All 46 0.38 Reclaim
Cayuga Ct All 52 0.25 Reclaim
Colchester Ave Barrett St – Nash Pl 56 0.34 Mill & Fill
Crescent Road Prospect - Hillcrest 37 0.38 Reclaim
Dorset Ln All 68 0.05 Reclaim
Dunder Rd All 25 0.29 Reclaim
Maple St Battery – St. Paul East of Intersection 43 0.22 Reclaim
Oakbeach Dr Flynn – Ledgewood Cir 51 0.21 Reclaim
South Cove All 44 0.66 Reclaim
Pleasant Ave* All 23 0.44 Reclaim
Curtis Ave* All 30 0.47 Reclaim
Total Reclaim     3.67 MILES Reclaim
Total Mill/Fill     0.34 MILES Mill/Fill
*These Streets Bid as Alternates
Winter Deterioration Paving & Pavement Patching
Street Section PCI+ Length  Type of Work
Pine St Flynn-Lakeside 49 0.42 Reclaim
Pine St Lakeside -Kilburn 52 0.4 Modified 
Mill & Fill
North Ave Lakeview Cem-Ethan Allen Parkway 56-70 1.06 Mill & Fill
North Ave Ethan Allen Parkway – Shore Road 50 0.52 Patching
North Ave Strong – Crowley 49 0.25 Patching
Colchester Ave Nash Pl-East Ave 67 0.19 Mill & Fill
Colchester Ave East Ave – University Pl 67 0.32 Patching
Park St* Manhattan-North St 56 0.19 Reclaim
North St. N. Union – Hyde St 59 0.19 Patching
College Street S. Union – S. Willard 50 0.07 Patching
Maple St Church St – S. Winooski 35 0.09 Patching
Total Reclaim     0.61 MILES Reclaim
Total Mill/Fill     1.65 MILES Mill/Fill
Total Patching     1.44 MILES Patching
*These Streets Bid as Alternates
+PCI as recorded at last inspection date, does not include Winter Deterioration to Pavement

Project:          CY18 Sidewalk Replacement & Curb Adjustments

Description:   Instillation of new sidewalk around the City of Burlington.
Schedule:      July through November 2018
Activites:      The contractor is focusing their activities and excavation on specific streets
Traffic:           Local traffic will be maintained with on-site traffic control and signage.

CY'18 Sidewalk List (DRAFT)
WARD Street Name Start End Side RunEnd
7 Billings Ct Billings Ct End Van Patten Pkwy W 343.8
5 Catherine Charlotte To driveway of #35 Catherine St. S 80
3 College Battery College N/S 50
2 Greene Loomis Hickok Pl W 20
  Lake St #86 Lake St     40
3 Lakeview Terr Canfield 98 Lakeview Terr E 585
6 Ledge Rd Edgewood Ln Iranistan Rd N 75
7 Lori lane #1 Lori Lane #1 Lori Lane S 10
7 Lopes Av #101 Lopes Ave   W 75
5 Marion Shelburne Rd Ledgemere N 399.3
5 Marion Ledgemere Shelburne Rd S 399.9
5 Margaret Caroline Ledgemere S 258.4
3 Murray Peru Allen E 346.7
2 N Winooski Av Decatur Crombie W 100
2 North St School Booth S 307.9
4 Oakcrest Dr Beachcrest Dr Tallwood Ln S 100
6 Overlake Pk #11 Overlake Pk Deforest Rd W 180
6 Overlake Pk Deforest Rd Overlake Pk End W 350
3 Park Manhattan Dr #191 Park Driveway W 546
3 Peru #73 Spot Repair   S 15
5 Pine Birchcliff Pkwy South of Driveway at Vermont Church Supply E 20
3 Pitkin Manhattan Dr Strong W 90
6 Robinson Pkwy S Prospect 67 Robinson Pkwy S 702.4
6 Robinson Pkwy S Prospect Across 77 Robinson Pkwy S 790
3 Rose Spot Repair #106   E 75
6 S Prospect #216 S. Prospect     30
6 S Prospect 178 S Prospect Main E 60
8 S Union Pearl Buell W 484.2
6 S Union Spruce Howard W 430
6 S Union Cliff Spruce E 364.9
6 #34 S Union       50
8 S Williams Main College E 426.8
3 Strong #4 Strong  North Av N 55
3 Ward #28 Ward St North Av N 270
4 Woodbury Rd Stanbury Rd North Av S 55


Project:          FY19 Pavement Preservation

Description:   Application of crack sealing along various City streets to improve
Schedule:      July through Mid-August 2018
Activites:      Work will consist of cleaning roadway of debris, then applying a crack sealing compound along existing cracks in the road surface. Traffic control will be present to direct traffic around work activities. Various streets will be posted no parking as the contractor completes the work. A list of streets and approximate time they will be closed to parking can be found below. This list is subject to change based on the contractor's progress. It is anticipated crack sealing will occur on the following streets, however not all may be completed in this calendar year.
Traffic:           Local traffic will be maintained with on-site traffic control and signage.

FY19 Pavement Preservation
Street Name Section Length Unit
Alexis Dr All 1,000 feet
Woodlawn Rd All 2,300 feet
Vine St All 450 feet
Glenwood Ln All 450 feet
Holly Ln All 360 feet
Hope St All 1,000 feet
Institue Rd All 1,200 feet
Orchard Terr Buell - Pearl 742 feet
Intervale Ave North St - Archibald 1,200 feet
Buell St All 1,400 feet
Overlake Park All 1,100 feet
Deforest Heights All 1,200 feet
Adams St All 1,300 feet
Beech St All 300 feet
Alfred St All 350 feet
Home Ave All 2,500 feet
Total 16,852 FEET