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**UPDATE 10/17/2018: At this time, we have concluded the pilot phase of BLUE® BTV.  As we work to develop a process for this program to continue, we will still be offering evaluations - but will NOT be able to guarantee rebates at this time.  Property owners who complete the evaluation process and implement recommended retrofits will be placed on a waiting list, and will be issued rebates starting in Spring of 2019 as funds become available.  Rebates will be issued in the order in which they were received. We appreciate your participation in this program to support the health of Lake Champlain!**

> What is BLUE® BTV?

The City of Burlington has partnered with Lake Champlain International and the Lake Champlain Sea Grant to form BLUE® BTV - a program for Burlington residents to improve water management inside and outside their homes.

You'll learn how to manage stormwater on your property, care for your lawn without impacting the lake, and more tips to keep Lake Champlain clean. You will also learn how to adopt the practices that are good for the lake and your property will become BLUE® certified!

 > How do I sign up for a BLUE® BTV evaluation?

Just complete our easy-to-use web form and someone will be in touch to schedule your free BLUE® BTV evaluation. Click the link below!

Request a Blue® BTV Evaluation

 > I had my evaluation, now what?

After your evaluation is complete, you will receive a report from your evaluator with recommendations for practices you can install on your property to help manage stormwater runoff.  Once you've reviewed your report, you may choose a stormwater management practice to install.  You will need to decide whether you're going to install the practice yourself, or hire a contractor to do the work. 

In order to ensure the practices installed through this program are as effective as possible, our partner Lake Champlain SeaGrant has developed trainings for three specific types of installations.  If you have elected to install any of these three practices, you will need to complete the online training and test module, and submit those results to your site evaluator. 

Trainings and test modules can be found here:

Practices other than those listed above should be installed by a qualified contractor.  Your contractor will need to provide a list of qualifications to the evaluator, showing that they understand how to properly install the specified practice.  This is particularly important for pervious pavement systems.  You or your contractor will then provide a proposed plan for the installation and you will need to sign the release and liability waiver, found below:


 > I've installed my stormwater management practice, how do I get my certification and rebate?

Once your installation is complete, you will notify your evaluator and they will come to do an inspection.  They will confirm that the practice was built based on the plan that was originally approved, and issue your BLUE® BTV Certification.  You may then submit your request for rebate, found here:


The following table shows the rebates currently available to property owners who participate in the BLUE® BTV program:

Rebate Table.PNG