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Bike Boxes


Thanks to NACTO for these images.


What is a "Bike Box"?

It's a painted green space on the road with a white bicycle symbol inside. The bike box creates space before the intersection so that people on bikes can cross the intersection ahead of traffic. This makes bikes more visible and predictable to approaching drivers. 

More and more cities are using bike boxes because they....

  • Increase the visibility of bicyclists.
  • Help prevent ‘right-hook’ conflicts with turning vehicles at the start of the green signal phase.
  • Reduce signal delay for bicyclists.
  • Provide priority for bicyclists at signalized crossings of major streets.
  • Group bicyclists together to clear an intersection quickly, minimizing impediment to transit or other traffic.
  • Pedestrians benefit from reduced vehicle encroachment into the crosswalk. 

(More info at NACTO)

Where have Bike Boxes been implemented in Burlington?

These are part of our quick-build program.

How to use a Bike Box?

Thanks to SFMTA for this image.

  • Bicyclists:
    • When a traffic signal is yellow or red, enter the bike box from the approaching bicycle lane.
    • Stop before the crosswalk
    • Proceed when the light turns green
  • Motorists:
    • When the traffic signal is yellow or red, stop at the white stop line behind the green bike box. Right turns at intersections with bike boxes are prohibited when the light is red.
    • Do not stop on top of the bike box - keep it clear for cyclists
    • Always obey traffic signals and signage
    • When the light turns green, motorists and cyclists move through the intersection as usual, with cyclists going first.

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