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City Council

Livable Wage Ordinance

In November of 2001, the City Council enacted an ordinance whose intention it was to provide a minimum level of compensation for city employees and employees of entities that enter into service contracts or receive financial assistance from the City of Burlington.

Annually in May the livable wage is re-calculated. The re-calculated rates then becomes effective on July 1 of that same year.

Ordinance as revised by City Council effective January 1, 2014

FY20 Livable Wage Published rates

FY19 Livable Wage published rates

FY18 Livable Wage published rates

FY17 Livable Wage published rates

FY16 Livable Wage published rates

Communication re: FY16 Livable Wage

FY15 Livable Wage published rates

Communication re: FY15 Livable Wage

FY14 Livable Wage published rates

FY13 Livable Wage published rates 

Prior Years Livable Wage published rates

Livable Wage Ordinance as Adopted in 2001

RFP Sample Conditions Clause

Livable Wage Certification


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