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April 7, 2014
March 31, 2014
   Agenda and Supporting Documents
   Amendments as of 3-31-2014
   Communication 2013 planBTV Municipal Development Plan
   Communication Accountability List.
   Communication Ben Pacy BED Creation of Regular Full time Maintenance Technician Position
   Communication Burlington School District re Resolution Real Estate Transaction Elihu Taft School
   Communication Burlington, VT Climate Action Plan
   Communication City of Burlington Open Space Protection Plan August 2013
   Communication City of Burlington Vermont 2013 Municipal Development Plan
   Communication CT Office Full Board of Abatement of Taxes March 31 2014 Notice
   Communication David White MDP 14-01 plan BTV Burlington Municipal Development Plan Update
   Communication I Land Use Plan
   Communication II Natural Environment
   Communication Infinite Culcleasure Board and Commissioner Comparison Report Survey of Recent Applicants
   Communication Infinite Culcleasure Board and Commissioner Report Survey of Current Board Members
   Communication Jeanne Collins Real Estate Transaction Approval
   Communication Jeetan Khadka Public Forum March 10
   Communication Jim Ramey CCTA Management Crisis
   Communication John Irving Maintenance Technician for McNeil Station
   Communication Lori Olberg Amy Bovee December 16 2013 Minutes
   Communication Lori Olberg Amy Bovee December 9 2013 Minutes
   Communication Lori Olberg Amy Bovee January 27 2014 Minutes
   Communication Lori Olberg Amy Bovee November 18 2013 Minutes
   Communication Lori Olberg Amy Bovee November 4 2013 Minutes
   Communication Martha Lang Taft School Lease More Unresolved Issues
   Communication Martha Lang Taft School Lease will Cause Irreparable Damage
   Communication PF March 10 2014 CCTA
   Communication Relationship to Other Plans
   Communication Ryan Betcher Supplemental Agreement for VTANG TACAN Facility
   Communication Scott Schrader Declaration of Elected Candidates Annual City Election
   Communication Scott Schrader Declaration of Election Results Questions on the Ballot
   Communication Students Support CCTA Drivers
   Communication Susan Leonard Human Resources Reorganization
   Communication VIII Energy Plan
   Outside Consumption Permit Application Vin
   Report Jane Knodell Public Safety Committee Report
   Report Norm Blais License Committee Report
   Report Rachel Siegel Charter Change Committee 2013-2014
   Request for Abatement of Taxes 152 Riverside Avenue LLC
   Request for Abatement of Taxes Buturla 80 Austin Dr Unit 291
   Request for Abatement of Taxes Dante Holdings Trust 77 Ledge Rd
   Request for Abatement of Taxes Dugan 59-61 North Willard St.
   Request for Abatement of Taxes McDonald 65 Sunset Dr.
   Request for Abatement of Taxes Pearl Street Apartments LLC 234 Pearl St
   Request for Abatement of Taxes University of Vermont 448 South Prospect St
   Request for Abatement of Taxes Wasserman 33 Prospect Hill
   Resolution Authorization for Budget Amendment for Street Sidewalk Capital Program.
   Resolution Authorization License Agreement Bar Stools Tables Chairs Vin
   Resolution Authorization License Agreement Engelberth Construction King Street Center Project
   Resolution Authorization License Agreement Sign Urban Salon Team
   Resolution Authorization to Execute Supplemental Agreement No 7 ut US Government Lease at Airport.
   Resolution Authorization to Lease Elihu B Taft School to the University of Vermont
   Resolution Citywide Consolidated Billing.
   Resolution Creation of Regular Full Time Maintenance Technician BED.
   Resolution Establishment of a Naming Policy for Parks Foundation of Burlington Donors
   Resolution Establishment of Nominating Committee for Commission Board Appointments.
   Resolution Human Resources Department.
   Resolution Job Descriptions and Notification for Commission Board Appointments.
   Resolution MDP-14-01 Climate Action Plan Open Space Protection Plan Amendment Readoption of Municipal Development Plan.
   Special Event Indoor EP Skinny Pancake

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March 10, 2014

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