Clerk/Treasurer’s Office

Property Tax Relief

The following landlords have been approved for property tax deferment. Under the Property Tax Relief program, landlords have agreed to 1) not to charge penalties or interest on late rent or evict a tenant because of non-payment before all property taxes are paid up to date; 2) to inform tenants, in writing, of the new status and their inability to charge penalties or interest as well as evict tenants because of non-payment; 3) to be listed on a publicly available database so that tenants can view which properties have received property tax relief; and 4) to acknowledge that the City will post this information on the City website


Owner Name Property Addresssort descending Parcel ID
Chris C Khamnei 10 Intervale Avenue 114-035-15076
Chris C Khamnei 10 Intervale Avenue 044-3-091.000
Catamount/Van Ness LLC 101 Main Street 049-1-110.000
Ronald P Corey 113 College St.Burlington Vt 05401 049-1-134.000
131 CHURCH STREET LLC 123-131 CHURCH STREET 049-3-115-000
Lori A Delia 131 Main Street C-1 049-3-095.005
Cobalt Shield LLC 141=143 North Avenue 043-3-060.000
Robert Quinn 145-151 Cherry St 044-4-032.000
Platinum Shield LLC 150 Church Street 049-3-140.000
Palladium Shield LLC 176-178 Main Street 049-3-096.000
Chris C Khamnei 204 King Street 049-3-050.000
Chris C Khamnei 225 Saint Paul Street 114-035-17571
Chris C Khamnei 230 Pine Street 049-2-009.000
Chris C Khamnei 233-235 Saint Paul Street 049-4-046.000
Chris C Khamnei 240 Pine Street 049-2-011.000
Chris C Khamnei 288 Main St 9B 050-1-002.014
Kristin J Halvorson 337 College Street #9 050-1-077-009
Robert Hill 339 ST PAUL STREET 049-4-033.000
Chris C Khamnei 395 College Street 050-1-106.000
Chris C Khamnei 412 Saint Paul Street 053-3-064.000
Chris C Khamnei 421 Main Street 050-1-013.000
Chris C Khamnei 449 South Prospect Street 054-3-015.000
Chris C Khamnei 74 Overlake Park 054-3-028.000
Chris C Khamnei 82 Overlake Park 050-1-002.008
Chris C Khamnei 82 Overlake Park 044-2-011.000