Victim Support Services

There are two main ways that crime victims receive support through the Community Justice Center.

Parallel Justice for Victims of Crime

This is Burlington's award-winning program that models a comprehensive response to crime victims' needs in the immediate wake of crime. You can receive assistance from Parallel Justice even if the crime was not reported to the police. 

To find out more, click through to the Parallel Justice website, or contact Kim Jordan at (802) 264-0764 or kjordan@burlingtonvt.gov.

Victim Liaisons for Restorative Panels

If the person who committed the crime has been referred to the Community Justice Center to go through a restorative process (either by the court as part of their sentence - called Reparative Probation) or by a police officer or school resource officer directly, a Victim Liaison will attempt to contact you to be sure your input is included, if you want it to be. If you have any questions, or are wondering if a case in which you were a victim has been referred to the Community Justice Center, please contact Barbara Shaw-Dorso, Restorative Panel Coordinator (802) 264-0765 or bshawdorso@burlingtonvt.gov.