Tips for Respectful Parties

Talk to your neighbors. Let them know you will be hosting a party and leave your name and phone number so they can call you if it gets too loud or other concerns arise.

Know your guests. Invite a manageable number of people and do not publicize the event. Ask your guests not to invite anyone without your permission and turn away anyone you don't know.

Provide food and non-alcoholic drinks. Eating before, during, and after drinking can help keep people from drinking too much and not having fun. Providing non-alcoholic drinks ensures that all your friends feel welcome, and alternating alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks can also help keep people from drinking too much.

Designate a sober bouncer, bartender, and social host. A bouncer can regulate who gets into the party and how noisy it gets. A bartender can make sure no one gets too intoxicated and minors are not served. A social host can keep food and non-alcoholic beverages stocked and talk to neighbors and police, if needed.

Keep your party legal. Find a way to mark people who are of age to drink and don't serve people who are under 21. Keep open containers on private property, discourage drinking games, promote responsible drinking, and turn away people who are drunk. Encourage guests not to accept or leave drinks with someone they don't know and trust. You are legally responsible for people during and after your party, so protect yourself.

Watch the noise level. Minimize gatherings on front porches and yards after 10 pm. Remind guests to be considerate when arriving and leaving. Keep windows closed and walk around outside to check the noise level.

Clean up. Provide ample waste and recycling containers during the party and pick up any trash afterward. Also, check in with your neighbors to find out if they had any concerns.

If the police show up: Talk to them and understand that you need to reduce the noise and end the party.

If the party gets out of control: call the Burlington Police (658-2700) to help disperse guests. If you call, you are less likely to get in trouble and they can help with out of control guests.