Parallel Justice

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Burlington’s Parallel Justice Program, the Burlington Community Justice Center, and the Vermont Center for Crime Victim Services are proud to announce the release of the Parallel Justice Implementation Guide,

“Building Parallel Justice: A Guide from Burlington, Vermont.”

Launched in 2006, Burlington’s Parallel Justice program is one of the nation’s oldest and longest-running programs of its kind to support those impacted by crime, whether or not they report the crime to law enforcement. Since then, other Vermont communities have started their own Parallel Justice programs, including South Burlington and St. Albans, Vermont.

“At the core of the Burlington story is an unwavering belief that victims of crime deserve justice, and that society has an obligation to provide a comprehensive communal response to the people who have been harmed by crime,” writes thought leader of the nationwide Parallel Justice movement, Susan Herman. “Providing justice to victims and addressing the harms they have suffered as Burlington does requires not only treating victims better within the criminal justice process, it means developing more meaningful responses throughout a wider range of government agencies, nonprofit organizations and community institutions. Simply put, Burlington revamped the structure and provision of ‘victim services.’ And, most importantly, the concept of justice has been entirely redefined.”