History of the CJC

Vermont's First Community Justice Center

The City of Burlington began work toward a "Community Restorative Justice Center" in March 1998 with a strong commitment to community-based planning and governance. Over 200 citizens attended the initial "town meeting" focused on crime and restorative resolutions and a citizen-based Steering Committee formed to guide the development of the Community Justice Center. Regular monthly meetings of the steering committee were publicized and open to all members of the community. Anyone attending could vote.

The original Community Justice Center's Steering Committee included about 30 community members and City representatives from the City Attorney's Office, the Community and Economic Development Office, the Burlington Police Department and the Burlington Neighborhood Project.  As the Community Justice Center moved through the planning phase and began operations, the Steering Committee evolved into its current status as the Community Advisory Board (CAB)The CAB is composed of community members, representatives from local service groups and City and State Officials. It meets quarterly to discuss the Community Justice Center programs and priorities.