Governance and Funding

Governance and the Community Advisory Board

The Community Advisory Board (CAB) is composed of volunteers from Burlington neighborhoods, representatives from local service groups and City and State Officials. It meets quarterly to discuss CJC programs and priorities.   The current CAB members are;

  • Regina Mahoney (Chair)
  • Francis Manga
  • Pablo Bose
  • Mary McClements
  • Adan Osman
  • Eileen Blackwood
  • Jan Wright
  • Jane Knodell
  • Henri Sparks

​Honorary Members:

  • Richard Kemp
  • Marija Valencak 

Click this link to view the minutes and agendas from the Community Advisory Board.

Burlington Community Justice Center By-Laws, as amended February 1, 2019, can be found here. 

The Burlington Community Justice Center (CJC) is looking for new members to serve on our Community Advisory Board (CAB). CAB members provide guidance and advice to the CJC director on issues related to community justice and the CJC. Examples include: collaborating with the director to make policy and identify priorities for the CJC; assisting in educating the community and raising awareness about community and restorative justice; advising the director on CJC operations; and reviewing applications for the Circles of Support and Accountability (COSA) program. It is our intention to include members who represent and give voice to the diversity of the Burlington community. If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact CJC Director Rachel Jolly at 865-7185 or via email rjolly@burlingtonvt.gov. 


Funding and support

The Community Justice Center is a program Burlington's Community and Economic Development Office.

In addition to thousands of hours of volunteer time, financial and "in-kind" support also come from: