Community Justice

Why Community Justice? Crime often causes people to feel alone and unsafe. It can hurt relationships between family, friends and neighbors. Everyday life is disrupted for the victim, the offender and the people around them. Even if there is no direct victim, the community where a crime occurs often feels the impact of fear and negativity. Restorative Justice allows victims and the community to directly participate in the justice process.

Restorative justice provides a venue for victims to share their experience and ask for specific amends. It also helps offenders to repair the harm they caused and to make better choices in the future.  Community volunteers  do everything from fixing broken windows, to meeting with people who have committed a crime, to cleaning graffiti, to providing support and information to victims.

Burlington's CJC is one of many Justice Centers throughout the state of Vermont. Each CJC, funded primarily though the Department of Corrections, develops programs to meet the specific needs of its community. In Burlington the CJC programs focus on neighborhood noise, vandalism, low-level crime, youth and offenders returning from prison.