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Youth on Boards

Calling All Burlington Youth: Join a City Board or Commission!

Youth on Boards is a civic engagement project of the City of Burlington. This program seeks to provide youth leaders with opportunities for representing Burlington’s youth on City Commissions and Boards. Youth on Boards engages youth in developing leadership skills, contributing to building sustainable and inclusive communities, and sharing the wisdom and insight of Burlington’s next generation.

Any high-school age youth leader can serve as a Youth on Boards participant. Most commissions and boards meet once a month with some reading required ahead of time. Youth members would work with a mentor to learn and grow as they serve on a board or commission. Beyond representing youth and their community in a professional and respectable manner, youth members would be responsible for thinking critically about community issues and processes that pertain to the work of their commission or board.

When youth are involved in decision-making, it helps create a community that is inclusive and supportive of all community members. By serving in Youth on Boards, you allow all voices to be heard. You will learn leadership, government decision-making, policy, responsibility, team-building, and awareness of your own ability to make a difference. You will also gain knowledge of the functions and processes of City government, as well as how to use your experience and values to make a difference in your community.

View Youth on Boards Resolution here

Boards and Commissions Accepting Youth Members:

(click here for full descriptions of these organizations and their available positions)

- Police Commission

- Conservation Board

- Neighborhood Planning Assembly Steering Committee

- Community Justice Center

- Planning Commission

- Library Commission

How to Apply:  An eligible youth interested in applying should fill out the Youth on Boards Program Application, which will ask for preference of board placement. Upon review, applications will be referred to the current members of the preferred boards or commissions, who may conduct an interview with the applicant. With questions, please email Phet Keomanyvanh, CEDO Community Engagement Specialist at

Apply here.

Applicants will not be discriminated against on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, religion, age, or disability. Young women, youth of color, and youth with disabilities are highly encouraged to apply. To learn more about Burlington government in general, click here.

If you have any  questions about Youth On Boards, please contact Phet Keomanyvanh CEDO Community Development Specialist - Public Engagement at or 865-7172.