Trusted Community Voices

About Trusted Community Voices


Led by CEDO's Opportunity and Engagement Team, the Trusted Community Voices (TCV) initiative seeks to enhance community engagement efforts and create open dialogue for Burlington residents, with a focus on immigrant and refugee communities. Known as TCV liaisons, trusted community members serve as a bridge between the City/CEDO and their communities to foster more effective, engaging and supportive relationships. The intention is to better connect communities to information on city services and programs, as well as strengthen community ties and relationships. Additionally, Trusted Community Voices will allow the City to receive systematic feedback on major concerns within different communities that live, work and play in Burlington. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, this has brought greater urgency to this effort. 

Additionally, beyond information sharing, which was critical during the pandemic climate, the Trusted Community Voices program aims to develop meaningful community engagement with residents and organizations, ultimately leading to actionable processes and policies that can improve equity outcomes for communities. TCV liaisons engage constituent groups across many interests and issues including, but not limited to, public health, neighborhoods, schools, communities of color, people with disabilities, youth, seniors, and faith groups.


For further information on the Trusted Community Voices Program, please contact Phet Keomanyvanh at pkeomanyvanh@burlingtonvt.gov.