Burlington has had a waterfront skatepark for 14 years.  When it was created 14 years ago, the materials were the standard at that time. However, these materials have experienced heavy use as well as Vermont weather, making the current structures of the skatepark unsuitable for continued use. Concrete has become the new standard for skateparks due to durability, reduced maintenance costs, ability to provide dynamic features, and the smooth continuity of a seamless park that other materials cannot provide.

An extensive public process identified the need for larger and contemporary facility for the area’s many skateboarders. The construction of this facility will increase the opportunities for programming through the Burlington Parks and Recreation Department to reach a wide demographic that includes programs for the inexperienced and experienced, the young, girls, at-risk youth, and the general public. Skateboarding is one of the fastest growing sports in the world, and the construction of a facility like this will attract enthusiasts from near and far. This new skatepark will be designed to serve the needs of the current skateboard and BMX bike population as well as generations to come.

The new design for the skatepark has been completed by a professional skatepark design and construction firm, Grindline Skateparks, Inc. Grindline has designed and built over 60 skateparks in all corners of the country, as well as in Canada and Japan. The skatepark is an existing park facility which is being replaced.  The new waterfront Skatepark will be constructed in 2015 as part of the construction contract for Waterfront Access North project. For more information on the Waterfront Access North project click here

An active Burlington Skatepark Coalition is involved with the project.  You can view an update on their activities presented to the Parks, Arts and Culture Committee of the City Council here. To find out more about the community's efforts to build a new skatepark, check out Facebook at