Project Documents

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Approved Development Agreement

  • Development Agreement, without Exhibits, Executed October 30, 2017
  • Exhibit A: Plan Set
  • Exhibits B – I
    • Exhibit B: Plan Depicting Public Improvements and Potential Additional Public Improvements
    • Exhibit C: Standards and Specifications for Public Improvements
    • Exhibit D: Budget
    • Exhibit E: Form of Agreement Memorializing the Terms of Section 4(d)
    • Exhibit F: Survey entitled “Lot Line Adjustment for BTC Mall Associates LLC, 101 Cherry Street, Burlington Vermont, by LATITUDES Land Surveying, dated January 9, 2017 and recorded in Map Slide 533B of the City of Burlington Land Records
    • Exhibit G: Form of Stormwater Memorandum of Understanding
    • Exhibit H: Right of First Offer
    • Exhibit I: Form of Labor Compliance Certificate


Tools to Analyze Proposed BTC Redevelopment


DMUC Zoning Amendment


Economic Impacts Assessments


More Documents on the BTC Redevelopment Plans


Approved Predevelopment Agreement


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