Peter Clavelle Award for Community Leadership

The PETER CLAVELLE AWARD honors a professional whose leadership has advanced social equity, environmental stewardship, quality education, economic growth and vitality in Burlington. Peter Clavelle was the mayor of Burlington for 15 years, the longest tenure of any mayor in the city's history (1995 - 2006). If you would like to nominate a person for the annual Peter Clavelle Award, which recognizes an individual whose efforts have helped make Burlington a better place to live, work and play, please click HERE


Previous Award winners are:

  • 2005, Peter Clavelle
  • 2006, Jane Knodell
  • 2007, Chapin Spencer
  • 2008, Hal Colston
  • 2009, Jim Flint
  • 2010, Jeanne Collins
  • 2011, Jacob Bogre
  • 2012, Caryl Stewart
  • 2013, Annie Bourdon, Founder and Executive Director of CarShare Vermont
  • 2014, Andy Jones, Manager of the Intervale Community Farm
  • 2015, Don Wright, Director of Very Merry Theatre 
  • 2016, Gail Shampnois, Director of UVM's Office of Student and Community Relations 
  • 2017, Karen Freudenberger (Posthumous Award), Founder of Pine Island Farm and an instrumental member of the electric bike rebate program
  • 2018, Owen Milne (Executive Director of the Community Sailing Center) and Dan Hock (Programs Director, Old Spokes Home)


If you have any further questions, please contact Gillian Nanton at gnanton@burlingtonvt.gov.