O.N.E Challenge

What & When is the O.N.E Challenge?

The Old North End Arts and Business Network is teaming up with CEDO to bring a "buy local" promotion to the Old North End to encourage more people to shop, eat, and use services in the neighborhood. The O.N.E Challenge will kick off during The Ramble on Saturday, July 27th, and will last until the end of August.

How Does it Work and Who Can Join?

People will pledge to do more of their shopping, eating, etc. in the O.N.E and use a special "Challenge Card" that will be stamped at each business. There will be drawings each week for prizes and at the end of the challenge. All O.N.E retail businesses, services, restaurants, and artists can be part of the Challenge by offering an incentive to Challenge Card holders, such as a % discount, a free item, or special price on a single item or service. 

How Much Does it Cost?

NOTHING! This new promotion is FREE for businesses - and you will get extra advertising through the Challenge. If you are inclined to contribute to the promotion, we will gratefully accept donations of gift cards and items for the weekly raffles. 

What's Next?

We will have sign-up materials ready soon. In the meantime, we want to hear from you! Contact Jess Hyman at (802) 598-3139 or JessicaHymanVT@gmail.com with questions, concerns, and ideas.