Burlington’s Green Up Day, Saturday, May 5, 2018

Vermont's 48th Annual Green Up Day

Green Up Day is a statewide event and movement bringing together community members to
clean up the State’s parks, streets, and neighborhoods. 


To participate in Burlington’s Green Up Day, City residents and other Burlington stakeholders
can pick up bags and other clean up supplies on Saturday, May 5 between 8:00 am- 12 pm at
the St. Joseph’s School, Miller Center, Burlington Subaru, or Salmon Hole Park.  

Bags are also available prior to Green Up Day, between Monday, April 30 and Friday, May 4, during regular business hours, at 7 locations around the City during their regular business hours:

  • St. Joseph’s School – 20 Allen Street
  • Departments of Public Works/Parks & Recreation – 645 Pine Street 
  • Miller Community Center – 130 Gosse Court
  • Burlington Electric Department – 585 Pine Street
  • CEDO – City Hall, Church Street, 3rd floor
  • Burlington Subaru – Shelburne Road
  • Citizen Cider - Pine Street (regular business hours: 11:00 am -- 10 pm)

This is the third year that Green Up Day will include an incentive prize to participants.   Those picking up their bags between Monday, April 30th and Friday, May 4 will be entered to win a “Green-Up Basket” which includes power strips, CFL bulbs, and other goodies. 

On Green Up Day, the Departments of Public Works and Parks, Recreation and Waterfront will have trucks circling the City’s major thorough fares, picking up full, tied bags of collected trash throughout the day.  All trash collected should go into the provided Green Up Day trash bags.  Any scrap metal or tires found should be kept separate, not in bags, and placed in a pile at the same Green Up Drop Off site; this material will be collected and recycled.

Volunteers are encouraged to keep their health and safety in mind, and to not pick up needles or anything that appears sharp or hazardous.