Construction Updates

In January and March of 2019, the developers of the new CityPlace Burlington (formerly the Burlington Town Center) submitted permit applications to the
Department of Planning & Zoning for changes to the project’s design and interior layout


  • There is a toll-free project number for public use: 1-888-988-4148. All calls/voicemails go directly to PC Construction and will be handled accordingly with the necessary parties. 
  • As of February 7th, 2018, over 650 employees from local firms were working on the CityPlace Burlington project! See the complete list here.





Important Documents



Past Construction Updates


See here for a more descriptive account of previous updates on the BTV Mall - including more information on past permitting, development agreements, communication strategies, project timing, election results, and more.

CityPlace Burlington (CPB) Update

Posted: 1/24/18

CityPlace Burlington demo is well underway! The parking garage for the former downtown mall is now closed as are the entrances off both Bank and Cherry Streets. Macy’s and Devonwood have closed the entrance that was once part of the former mall, but customers can still access the store from their Cherry Street entrance and through the Lakeview Garage entrance.

We have developed a map to help your employees and customers find parking as well as navigate on foot or bike. The map is attached and a link can be found here: (Downtown Parking and Pedestrian Map). If you have questions or comments, please let us know.

Holiday Construction Update 2

Posted: 12/11/17

You had concerns about the former downtown mall parking garage closing on December 11th. City staff and the Mayor’s office listened. The Mayor worked diligently with the City Place Burlington team to find a solution; one that will help ensure that shoppers and visitors enjoy downtown this holiday season.

Good news - the City Place Burlington (formerly Burlington Town Center) garage will be OPEN through December 25th. Both the Bank and Cherry Street entrances to the parking garage will remain OPEN until December 25th.  Please note, the Cherry Street entrance will be reopened on Monday, December the 11th.  Both entrances and the former mall parking garage will close on the morning of December 26th.  

As we mentioned in our last email, the Bank/Cherry Street entrances near Macy’s will remain open through the holiday season.

Holiday Construction Update 1

Posted: 12/1/17

As of Friday, November 17th, the downtown mall, now known as City Place Burlington (CPB) received an encumbrance permit. This permit allows the construction crews to close sidewalks and some parking on portions of Bank and Cherry Streets. To help you see which parts of Bank and Cherry Streets are within this permit, please see our latest map.