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Construction Updates

Burlington City Place (Formerly Burlington Town Center)
Meeting for Area Businesses (9/7/17) Presentation and Notes 

On September 7th a meeting for local businesses provided updates on the Burlington City Place construction plans, project timing, and communication strategies to make sure your customers know the downtown is open for business and accessible throughout the project. The meeting was hosted by City officials and the Burlington City Place project team, PC Construction, Church Street Marketplace, and Burlington Business Association (BBA).


BCP Business Meeting Notes 9/7/17


BCP Business Meeting Presentation 9/7/17


 There is a broad range of information, questions, and answers in these materials including but not limited to the following:

  • Construction Overview (PC Construction, Burlington City Place project team)
  • What’s the Message? #ShopLocalShopBurlington Campaign (Church Street Marketplace)
  • Parking Tips and Handout (Burlington Business Association)
  • Communication Channels (City)
  • Traffic/Pedestrian Plan – Alternative Option (PC Construction, City) – see below

The 2-way traffic plan for Bank St. that was presented in the previous meeting on July 20th was approved, but an alternative plan to maintain parking on Bank St. was presented as a new option. This alternative would maintain parking on one side of Bank St. for the one block between St. Paul and Pine and make it one-way rather than two-way, with traffic flowing from west to east. Please provide feedback, questions or comments regarding traffic and parking to Norm Baldwin, City Engineer, DPW:


If you have any other questions, please contact either Noelle MacKay, Director of the Community & Economic Development Office, at or 802-865-7174, or Ian Jakus, Projects & Policy Specialist at CEDO, at or 802-865-7532.   


BTC Meeting for Area Businesses (7/20/17) Presentation and Notes

On July 20, 2017, the City hosted a meeting for businesses in the area of the redevelopment.  The purpose of the meeting was to have the developer's project consultants, PC Construction, share the proposed Encumbrance Plan, which details the plans for managing the public right of way and parking in and around the project site (particularly along Bank and Cherry Streets) during demolition and construction for the duration of the redevelopment.  You may find the full presentation and notes from the meeting below.  If you have any questions, you may reach out to Noelle MacKay, Director of CEDO, at 802-865-7174 or or Diana Colangelo, Projects and Policy Specialist, at 802-865-7187 or

BTC Business Meeting Presentation 7/20/17

BTC Business Meeting Notes 7/20/17