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Assessment of Fair Housing

In collaboration with the US Housing and Urban Development agency, the CIty of Burlington is conducting an assessment of impediments to fair housing. This assessment process is an effort to analyze the local fair housing landscape and set fair housing priorities and goals through an Assessment of Fair Housing (AFH). There are four main fair housing issues that the City aims to assess:

  1. Patterns of integration and segregation;
  2. Racially or ethnically concentrated areas of poverty;
  3. Disparities in access to opportunity; and
  4. Disproportionate housing needs.


The assessment process begins with the provision of data, guidance, and an assessment tool that will help the City and itspartners identify fair housing issues and related contributing factors in their jurisdiction and region. The City and its partners will then set goals to overcome fair housing issues and related contributing factors. The goals will inform subsequent housing and community development planning processes.

This assessment is designed to improve community planning in order to overcome fair housing issues. The process will begin with inclusive community participation and will result in the setting of fair housing goals to increase fair housing choice and provide equal access to opportunity for all community members. The City and its partners will then use the fair housing goals and priorities established in their AFH to inform the investments and other decisions made in their local planning processes.

We encourage the community members to review the materials listed on this page (as they become available): past and current City documents, the AFFH mapping tool, and results from our Fair Housing survey to better understand the fair housing challenges that face Burlington and its neighbors. We also encourage folks to leave a comment and share their thoughts about fair housing in the greater Burlington region.

The City of Burlington, the Burlington Housing Authority, and the Winooski Housing Authority truly appreciate your willingness to share feedback on this important endeavor.

AFFH Mapping Tool

Fair Housing Survey