City of Burlington, Vermont City of Burlington, Vermont

City Assessor / City Hall Room 17
Phone: 802-865-7114 / Fax: 802-865-7116


Land Use Codes

Burlington Code State
C Commercial C
CAL Commercial Apt Land MISC
CC Commercial Condominium CC
CL Commercial Land MISC
CR Commercial w/Res Apt(s) C
CRC Commercial/Residential Condo C
CRL Commercial/Residential Land MISC
E Exempt (Land & Bldg) EXEMPT
EL Exempt Land EXEMPT
EU Exempt Utility EXEMPT
F Farm F
FL Farm Land MISC
GL Government Land G
I Industrial I
IC Industrial Condo I
IL Industrial Land MISC
MH Mobile Home w/o land MHU
ML Mobile Home w/ land MHL
R1 Single Family R-1
R2 Two Family R-1
R3 Three Family R-1
R4 Four Family R-1
RA 5 plus Apt (Commercial) CA
RAC Residential Apt Condo CA
RC Residential Condo R-1
RL Residential Land MISC
TE Taxable, Partly Exempt C
TEL Tax-Part Exempt Land MISC
UE Utility: Electric UE
UO Utility: Other UO
V1 Seasonal Dwelling V-1
WL Woodland W
X Unknown Owner (R O W USE) EXEMPT