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Burlington Police Department
Antonio B. Pomerleau Building, 1 North Avenue
Phone: 802-658-2704 / Emergency: Dial 911

Police Department

Burlington Police Department - Antonio B. Pomerleau Building - 1 North Avenue - Burlington, VT 05401 - (802) 658-2704 - Emergency Call 911 - Report suspicious actvity (802) 658-2704 (dial 0).  Report Drug activity at (802) 658-2704 (dial 0) if in progress.  For drug tips (802) 540-2420. Reporting any and all suspicious activity helps investigations and patterns, which help to solve crime and sometimes prevent further crimes from occurring.

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Coffee with the Chief series - Part of our 150th Anniversary community engagement. An opportunity to discuss policing in Burlington on a host of topics. Times and locations will vary to accommodate a variety of schedules and neighborhoods

June - Tuesday the 9th at 8:00AM - The Bagel Cafe, 1127 North Avenue

Historical Retrospective Series: April - Burlington Police Artifacts

Historical Retrospective Series: March - Burlington's First Police Vehicle

Historical Retrospective Series: February - Burlington's First Police Chief

Historical Retrospective Series: January - History of the BPD Badge


Located on the eastern shore of Lake Champlain, Burlington is the largest city in the State of Vermont, with a population of 40,000 in a greater metropolitan area of approximately 150,000 residents.  It has been ranked by many organizations as one of the most livable cities in the United States.

The Burlington Police Department was commissioned in 1865 to provide law enforcement services to the Queen City. Throughout our history, the men and women of the department have proudly served their community. We serve a residential community of over 40,000, in addition to thousands of students from local colleges and the University of Vermont. The Department has an authorized strength of 100 full-time police officers and 36 civilian support personnel. We operate using core tenets of community policing.


On behalf of all of the men and women of the Burlington Police Department, let me welcome you to the Burlington Police Department website.

The Burlington Police Department has been providing proud service to our city since 1865. We are the largest municipal police department in the state of Vermont employing over one hundred thirty-six dedicated employees. The Burlington Police Department is committed to our Community Policing mission and our core values of service, respect, integrity and creativity.

Burlington is a growing multicultural community located on the east shore of Lake Champlain in northwestern Vermont. With a vibrant downtown and breathtaking waterfront, the City is home to several colleges and universities. Our City hosts many public events and festivals that help us celebrate community. Together with citizens, businesses, our institutions of higher learning, students, and other partners we strive to reduce crime and disorder in our neighborhoods and our downtown.  We are committed to ensuring that our law enforcement and problem solving efforts are carried out professionally, respectfully and without bias. We believe that our open and engaged public safety strategies will allow the City of Burlington to remain one of America’s most livable small cities.

We are committed to continuing our history of exceptional community service and are actively recruiting service oriented officers and employees, with specific emphasis on women and minorities, so that the Police Department can be more reflective of our community.

In closing I would like to thank our community for the support they provide for our staff in the challenging work that we do each day. I am honored to serve with them and for you as Chief of Police.

Michael Schirling
Chief of Police


Community Policing is a philosophy that combines the elements of partnerships, problem-solving and organizational change. Since 1999, we have worked with community members to better understand the needs of the neighborhoods. After we reach consensus, we work to set a policing agenda that is lawful, appropriate and without bias.

Our goals are to partner with stakeholders from the community and the service sectors to carry out the problem-solving to which we have all agreed. That may look different for the various parts of the city. For example, in the downtown area we emphasize compliance with liquor control laws and ordinances to maintain a high quality of life. In the hill section, we work with residents on noise and quality of life issues. Throughout the city we are working to reduce drug activity and to keep roads and highways safe.

Our Mission and Values

We are committed to policing with the citizens of Burlington to achieve a safe, healthy and self-reliant community.

INTEGRITY - We adhere to the highest ethical standards, assuring the community that their public trust is well founded.
SERVICE - We provide the highest level of service and protection to all people in a competent, courteous manner, tempered with compassion and understanding.
RESPECT - We treat all persons with dignity and respect by promoting equality and fairness both inside and outside the Department.
CREATIVITY - We engage in problem-solving as our primary strategy, involving the community in identification of the problems, the best solutions and their implementation.

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